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Two Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office
Let your PC start the new year right!
Tablets vs Laptops: Helping Customers Decide Which to Get
Five tips for using Ccleaner to degunk your system | TechRepublic
Top 5 Myths Customers Believe About “Going Apple” (from


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Two Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office

As Microsoft's Office has grown in size and complexity, more than a few users have wondered whether there's a viable alternative — especially when it comes time to pay for an upgrade or new copy.

There are very few alternatives. Two — Open Office and LibreOffice — provide the core functionality of classic versions of Microsoft Office and are completely free!

Open Office and LibreOffice are nearly identical productivity suites that, unlike Office 2013, live and work entirely on your PC's hard drive — there's no prodding you toward cloud storage or app rental.

Let your PC start the new year right!

Let your PC start the new year right! 
By Fred Langa

A little time spent now on preventive maintenance can save hours of PC troubleshooting later — and provide better computing all year long.

Use the following steps to give your PC an annual checkup — and ensure it starts 2013 as healthy as possible.

Undo a year's worth of wear and tear
Consider what your PC has been through in the past 12 months: Windows Update added dozens of patches to your operating system; you've likely installed some new third-party software, uninstalled other programs, and upgraded or patched apps and utilities; and you've probably altered, tuned, and tweaked various aspects of your system's user interface and software settings.

Tablets vs Laptops: Helping Customers Decide Which to Get

Tablet or laptop? This is the new million dollar question on customers’ minds, and I hear it a few times a month now. While technicians such as ourselves can easily decipher which is best for our own needs, the clients we service don’t always have the same easy ability to do so. There is a lot of hype and distortion out in the media about what tablets can do and where PCs are being phased out. Some of the information is accurate, while a good portion of it is wishful (and inaccurate) thinking.

The newest issue of InformationWeek did a 

Five tips for using Ccleaner to degunk your system | TechRepublic

April 8, 2011, 12:57 PM PDT

Takeaway: Ccleaner is one of the best all-around tools for keeping your computer optimized and free of the junk that accumulates from Internet surfing, obsolete apps, and other fragments that clog up your system.

There are a lot of tools out there that handle a lot of tasks, from antivirus tools that also clean your drive of temporary files and make you coffee to tools that promise to “make your computer faster.” But as far as I’m concerned, few tools can make as much of a difference as 

Top 5 Myths Customers Believe About “Going Apple” (from

“If I got a Mac, I wouldn’t have these problems.” If I got a nickel for every time a customer told me that…. well, you get where I’m headed with this.  There seems to be a perceived consensus among a segment of my customer base that believes going Mac would solve all their ills, save them money, and provide numerous other benefits. While there are situations where Macs are justified, the steamrolling in the media by the Apple-centric movement to iEverything helps fuel a majority of this misconception surrounding the Apple brand.

8 tips on how to protect yourself online

8 tips on how to protect yourself online (from AT&T Support)

Using the Internet can be an enjoyable and valuable experience for you and your family, as long as you do it safely and smartly. Follow these tips to avoid problems:

  1. Shop safely. Many online stores have the right protection for you to purchase online. Read the online store's privacy and security policies before shopping. If you plan to order from an online store, be sure that the Web site uses secure technology. When you are at the checkout screen, verify that the Web address begins with https.

Paying for antivirus doesn't improve protection

Credit for this post goes out to Woody Leonhard in the Windows Secrets Newsletter of May 5, 2011:

"I've been recommending free antivirus software since the second edition of
Windows XP All-In-One For Dummies, nearly a decade ago. I've drawn the wrath of many a player in the billion-dollar AV industry, but I still say there's absolutely no reason at all to pay for antivirus protection.

Back in XP times, I recommended AVG Free, Avira, ESET's NOD32, and the like — many of those products were, and still are, free for personal use.

Computer Tips and Tricks - Introducing New Feature

A new featurefrom Computer Doc - a tips and tricks news blog is coming soon. 

Why should you take your valuable time to read this?  Ever wondered what the best anti-virus program is?  Free or paid subscription?  Should you turn your computer off or leave it running?  How to preserve laptop battery life?  What free programs are available that are just as good as expensive alternatives?  How to get rid of a virus once infected?

If these questions have ever occurred to you, then stay tuned for Computer Doc's tips and tricks for better, safer, and less expensive computing.
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