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Computer Repair and Service Prices
Prices below are for a single computer.  Multiple computer discounts are available for home or small business users.

Computer Check-Up
Update operating system, anti-virus
and other software.  Remove
unnecessary programs and files, tweak
your system to ensure optimum
performance and speed. Update
hardware drivers.

Computer Diagnostics
Test all software and hardware on your
computer and diagnose/explain problems
found. Follow-up with repair estimate and
details of what will be done.

Virus and Spyware Removal
Remove viruses, spyware and malware.
Identify potential future problem areas
and adjust settings accordingly. Identify
and solve operating system problems.

Data Backup
One-time data backup by transfer to CD/DVD,
flash drive or another internal or external
hard drive.  Protect and preserve your
irreplaceable pictures, videos, or e-mail.

Data Recovery
Recover lost/deleted files, if not overwritten,
from hard drive or flash drive.  Recovery of
entire drives not included.

Software/Email Help
Setup or troubleshoot an existing email
or other software application.  Price is per
software application (not OS) and includes
30 min. of time.  Software not included.

Software Installation
Install, configure and update one software
application.  Software not included. 
Operating systems not included.

Operating System Install/Repair/Upgrade
Install, repair or upgrade operating system
including driver installation, security updates,
and basic OS settings.

New PC Setup
Set up your computer including monitor,
keyboard, mouse, speakers, and one
external device.  Setup one software app
or email and test for functionality.

Hardware Install/Upgrade
Add or upgrade a hardware device
(memory,graphics card, hard drive, CD/DVD drive,
printer, scanner or other device) and properly
configure it. Hardware not included.

Network Services
Install, setup or repair a wired or wireless
network for up to 2 computers.  Each
additional device (computer or game station)
will add $50 to the price.  Hardware not

Training/Consultation Services
Training on software use (including email,
internet, etc.).  Provide training on hardware
use including digital cameras, camcorders, etc. 
Provide tech assistance on upgrading existing
hardware/software and purchase decisions
on new systems, software or hardware.

Price           Compare to Chain Stores

$60 in-store    $100 in-store
$75 on-site            N/A

$50 in-store     $70 in-store
$75 on-site      $130 on-site

$75 in-store     $200 in-store
$100 on-site    $300 on-site

$75 in-store     $100-$200 in-store
$100 on-site           N/A

$100 in-store    $160 and up in-store

$25 in-store      $50-$70 remote support
$50 on-site

$25 in-store      $50 in-store
$50 on-site           N/A

$75 in-store      $130 in-store
$120 on-site     $230 on-site

$75 on-site       $150 on-site

$40 in-store      $50 in-store
$70 on-site       $150 on-site

$80 on-site       $150 on-site

$50/hr. on-site  $150 on-site

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